Learning to Blog

None of my friends blog, so I didn’t know where to go for help. I thought about my friend Noel Johnson, whose website www.lewiriver.com was designed by Matt Farnell of Farnell Web Design, www.farnellweb.com. I contacted Matt. He was already familiar with the Word Press blog, so that helped.

 This morning, Matt came to my house to answer my many questions: What’s the difference between tags and categories? How do I post photos? Can I change the photo on the template? What’s the difference between pages and blogs? How can I authorize others to post on my blog? How do I drive traffic to my site?

Matt spent about an hour showing me what to do and explaining blogging while I wrote notes. I could have used the Word Press support, but I learn more quickly when I can see something done right in front of me, on my own computer.

Now, the next step is to try to follow my notes. I won’t have much time today, but hopefully within a few days I can try out some of Matt’s tips. Please come back in a few days and see how my blog looks. This is a lot like cleaning the house when I’m expecting company…if I know you’ll be back, I’ll try to have the site looking nice.


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