Recycle trees through Jan. 10

tree recyclingBy Pat Nelson, January 9, 2008

Reprinted with permission, South County News/The Daily News, Longview, WA  

When you take down your Christmas tree, the story doesn’t end there. Your tree still has to be undecorated and disposed of, and it usually leaves confetti made up of needles and glitter and possibly a few pieces of broken ornaments on your floor.

Are you wondering how to dispose of your tree? We’re taking ours to the Christmas tree drop-off point on the east side of Horseshoe Lake near the skateboard park.

In the case of tree recycling, bigger isn’t better. If your tree has a trunk diameter of more than 6 inches, it is too large to be recycled because it won’t fit into the chipper. Solution: use a saw to cut off the portion of the trunk that is more than 6 inches in diameter, and take the rest of the tree to the recycling lot.

The next time you add fuel to the fire, consider that your tree will be chipped into bits to make compost or fuel, but when recycling Christmas trees, don’t include decorations, stands or tree-flock.

My tree is headed for the recycling lot, but unfortunately it never did have its moment of twinkling glory. At our house, a ledge in our living room overhangs the deck. Our novel approach to having what appears to be a huge Christmas tree — but not — is to place an artificial tree on the ledge inside the house and a real tree on the deck outside, just below the artificial tree.

When we look through the sliding doors from inside the house, the two trees, decorated identically, appear to be one very tall tree.

This year, our plan didn’t work so well. The Moose lodge delivered a 10-foot noble Christmas tree to our deck. My husband cut off the top so the tree would match up well with the tree above. By the time the top had been cut off, the noble was too short to reach the roof of the deck, so we had to place it on a platform. It was a heavy tree, and it took both of us and plenty of groaning to put it in place. We checked the effect from inside the house and adjusted the placement of the tree on the ledge — the lighter-weight tree — so both would line up. After wrestling the heavy tree, we decided to leave the decorating for another day.

Two evenings later, we heard a crash. “What’s that,” asked my husband.

“The tree fell over,” I replied.

We both struggled to right the tree and return it to its platform, but we were unable to lift it high enough. My husband felt a pain in his back and dropped the tree. “This tree will have to stay there,” he said, and it did.

Now, we will have to get the tree off the patio and over to the designated recycling spot at the park. We might have to cut it into smaller pieces with a chain saw. Whatever we decide to do, we’ll have to hurry. Tomorrow, Jan. 10, is the last day to drop off trees

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One response to “Recycle trees through Jan. 10

  1. mousey1060

    And by now, I hope the husband’s back is well and you did get the tree to the recycling depot on time. It looked nice to me! XO

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