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New Book Debuts Today!


It debuts today! Not Your Mother’s Book . . . on Being a Woman. Book one of nearly 40 anthologies that are in the works. Funny, edgy books published by Dahlynn and Ken McKown who co-authored Chicken Soup for the Soul books for ten years! Read my story “Blind-Sighted” and don’t miss “And Me Without a Crotch,” written by a 92-year-old YOUNG lady in my writers’ group.
I’m the co-creator of two upcoming books: Not Your Mother’s Book . . . on Parenting (due out before Mother’s Day) and Not Your Mother’s Book . .  .on Grandparenting. See story guidelines and submit your stories at
And what’s next? Not Your Mother’s Book . . . on Being a Stupid Kid! I just read the manuscript, and it is hilarious. Watch for this book at the end of this month, and be sure to read my story “When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go” about two teenage girls (yes, one was me) the first time they drank alcohol! Oh, silly us. I hope my grandkids don’t read this one!

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