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Save gas…find fun close to home

by Pat Nelson

Reprinted with permission, The Daily News, Longview, WA June 6, 2008

If you’re worried about this summer’s high gas prices putting the brakes on your vacation plans, try thinking closer to home.

We’re fortunate to live close to mountains, forests, lakes and beaches, as well as places to go birding or to explore caves.  A couple years ago, before we were facing gas prices in excess of $4 per gallon, I took my two grandchildren, Max and Chelsea, on a camping trip…only ten minutes from home. We packed up toys, sleeping bags, swimsuits and food and headed for the Echo Park campground, only a few minutes east of I-5 at Woodland, on Lewis River Road.  The trip was so short that the kids didn’t even have time to sing our favorite travel song, which goes like this: “I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I have to go to the bathroom.”

The adventure started as soon as we registered at the camp store. The kids had fun choosing our campsite. After driving through the small, privately-owned campground a couple times, they agreed upon a spot away from the road, but not far from the restrooms and the heated swimming pool. As long as our vehicle was level, I didn’t care which site they chose. At the campsite, tall trees stood over us, and the aroma of the forest told us we were on vacation. The Lewis River flowed peacefully nearby. The site had water, electricity, and a picnic table, and the three of us agreed that it was perfect.

It was a hot day, and it didn’t take long for us to change into swimsuits and get into the refreshing swimming pool.  Max jumped in, over and over, and then dove for colored rings with some newfound friends. I heard myself saying, “No running,” “feet first,” and “be careful,” all the warnings a good grandma gives her grandchildren when they’re swimming.

At that time, Chelsea was just learning to swim, and as I gave her a push through the water towards the side of the pool and let her go, she paddled fiercely to the edge, emerging wide-eyed with wet hair slicked back against her head, droplets of water clinging to her long lashes, and a wide smile. The same scene was repeated over and over, until , hours later, the kids finally admitted to being tired and decided to play at the campsite.

Max is a picky eater, so my biggest concern about camping was feeding him. With a burn ban in effect, we couldn’t build a campfire to cook his favorite food, hot dogs. We were about to make sandwiches for dinner when my husband called from Woodland to say he was on his way with dinner from Burgerville…including Max’s other favorite food, chicken strips .

At night, we snuggled into our sleeping bags and told stories in the dark. The night was quiet, and we soon fell asleep in a forest that seemed like it was far, far from home.

Later that summer, we visited the park again, but just for the day. The campground allows visitors to pay a fee to swim when pool capacity allows, so Max and Chelsea invited friends to join us for swimming and picnicking.

We’re looking forward to camping there again this summer, so I stopped by recently and talked with Assistant Manager Diane Cretsinger, who told me, “The park has new owners. Now it’s the Lewis River Country Store and R. V. Park.” Diane proudly listed the features of the park: hot food available in the store, firewood for sale, heated swimming pool, fishing hole, bath house, dump station, and gas pumps.

If you want to save gas this year, try a vacation close to home. One more advantage is that when the trip is over, you won’t be faced with a long, tiring drive home.

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It’s a Small World

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At Home in Woodland

©South County News/The Daily News

The Woodland Chamber of Commerce after-hours event was held at Los Pepes Thursday night, September 19, hosted by owners Tadeo and Maria Avelar. Chef Victor Fabian grilled oysters on the barbecue while guests helped themselves to a buffet of some of the restaurant’s favorites. Tadeo and Maria, born in Mexico and now US citizens, think of Woodland as more than just a restaurant location; they think of it as home.

 About a year and a half after the May, 2002 opening of Los Pepes, the Avelar family bought a home in Woodland and moved here from Longview. And just a few months ago, they purchased their restaurant building at 611 Goerig St., across from Horseshoe Lake Park.

“With 4 children”, said Tadeo Avelar, “it’s important to live near our restaurant where we can attend our kids’ school and sports activities.” Daughters Karina and Camila both participate in Woodland cheerleading, and the Avelar family recently held a fundraiser to help benefit the cheerleading squad.

My husband and I visited Tadeo’s and Maria’s childhood homes in Mexico with them a few years ago when their fourth child, Camila, was christened. Tadeo picked us up at the Guadalajara airport and after a few days in Guadalajara, he drove us to Leon, Mexico where Maria and the children were visiting her parents.

In Guadalajara, we stayed with Tadeo’s Tia (Aunt) Michaela, his mother’s sister. Michaela speaks only Spanish, but her patience with us and our limited Spanish allowed us to communicate. Her house was charming. We first entered a formal living room. Next, there was an open courtyard, a pleasant place to start the day. Two birds in cages sang to us while we ate breakfast. Several times a day, while Michaela swept the leaves that fell from the lime tree in the courtyard, she talked to her birds. We couldn’t understand the words, but could understand the loving tones.

Near Michaela’s house, the neighborhoods came alive every night from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM when portable taco stands suddenly appeared along the streets, creating a festive atmosphere. At home, we are used to eating dinner around 6:00, so we were plenty hungry by 10:00.The tacos, seasoned scoops of pork, chicken, or beef rolled into warm, fresh tortillas, hit the spot. Our hunger, combined with the spicy aroma of the street-side tacos, caused us to eat too much every night, and we moaned as we lay in bed with full stomachs, vowing never to eat so late again. You guessed it: the next night, we lined up again at one of the taco stands at 10:00.

Tadeo showed us his father Antonio’s home in Tapatitlan, a rancho where he raises sheep.

After a five-hour drive to Leon, we met Maria’s family and attended the christening and party for baby
Camila. The party following Camilla’s christening was a huge family affair, not unlike the gatherings Tadeo and his relatives enjoy here, with their favorite foods and music. The Avelars close their restaurant for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day to celebrate with family.

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