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Storystorm…It Looks Like This!

storystormI think a picture of the “storystorm” in my head would look just like this. This colorful photo is printed here with the permission of artist Mike Patnode. After the holidays, I will start telling you Mike’s incredible story and that of his dedicated family. After Mike’s graduation from college, he never had a chance to market his artwork because he and his wife have a 24-hour-a-day job caring for their son A.J., who was born severely disabled. You will be amazed at what this family has accomplished and the care they unselfishly provide, as well as the ingenious contraptions Mike’s father has invented to allow his young grandson to be all that he can be.Through all of this, Mike still sees the beauty in life…maybe more than ever…and he captures it in his unique and artistic photography.

My blog Storystorm allows me to grab onto the colorful thoughts swirling around in my brain and to place them on my hard drive before they can get away. Who hasn’t waited a second too long and lost a fantastic idea? Like spotting a beautiful leaf falling in an autumn storm, thoughts can blow away as quickly as you recognize their beauty. That’s a good reason to carry a notepad and pen as your constant companions, and a good reason to blog.

Thanks, Mike, for sharing your artwork with me. Readers, be sure to come back in a few weeks and select the category “Art” to hear more about this family and to see more of Mike’s photography.

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Learning to Blog

None of my friends blog, so I didn’t know where to go for help. I thought about my friend Noel Johnson, whose website was designed by Matt Farnell of Farnell Web Design, I contacted Matt. He was already familiar with the Word Press blog, so that helped.

 This morning, Matt came to my house to answer my many questions: What’s the difference between tags and categories? How do I post photos? Can I change the photo on the template? What’s the difference between pages and blogs? How can I authorize others to post on my blog? How do I drive traffic to my site?

Matt spent about an hour showing me what to do and explaining blogging while I wrote notes. I could have used the Word Press support, but I learn more quickly when I can see something done right in front of me, on my own computer.

Now, the next step is to try to follow my notes. I won’t have much time today, but hopefully within a few days I can try out some of Matt’s tips. Please come back in a few days and see how my blog looks. This is a lot like cleaning the house when I’m expecting company…if I know you’ll be back, I’ll try to have the site looking nice.

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