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Ahh, These Things Soothe My Spirit!

I’m so excited! This has been a good week. If you read my “about me” page, you saw that my story Blind Sighted was slated for inclusion in a Chicken Soup book that had to be canceled. Blind Sighted was the first story I submitted, so I was proud that it had been chosen and disappointed to learn that the book wouldn’t be completed. Dahlynn McKowen of Publishing Syndicate, and co-author of that book, assured me that she would try to place my story in another title. Two days ago, I received the email I’d been hoping for, the permission form to use my story Blind Sighted in the upcoming title Chicken Soup for the Soul: Stories to Soothe the Spirit.Another piece of good news this week as that I walked out of the realty office with three, not two, signed leases (see “Please Re-Lease Me” posted October 13, 2007). Join me in having a great day.

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