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Edgy Grandparenting Stories Wanted

Earn dollars while you build a writing platform if your stories are selected for the Not Your Mother’s Book anthologies. There are nearly 40 books in the series, and I’m co-creating the Parenting book and the Grandparenting book. True stories, 500-2500 words, fun, entertaining, and maybe a little edgy . . . that’s what I’m looking for! What’s an edgy story? I think of it as a story that you laugh about at home or that you tell over and over but that you probably wouldn’t tell at church. You know the kind. PG-13 – TV 14 rated. No sad stuff! We get enough of that in the newspapers. It’s summer, and if you’ve been spending time with the grandkids, you probably have some fresh stories to share. Or maybe you have some mighty funny stories about your own grandparents. Don’t make me sit here all night bored while I wait to hear them. Go to http://www.publishingsyndicate.com to read submission guidelines and to turn in your story. Questions? I’m right here. Just ask!


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